Top mobile product teams love Literal


See what you actually built

Not just what you intended to build. Design comps never survive developer handoff. Plans change, and comps aren't updated. See what was actually coded.

View your app map—auto-generated user flows of production app screens, nicely grouped.

Map of mobile app screens.

View events by screen

Get the whole picture—a comprehensive view of your event taxonomy as implemented. View, debug, and validate events fired for each user flow, by screen.

Self-service documentation for the team—no need to look up out-of-date spreadsheets, nor ask a developer to look at code.

App screens with analytics events.

Easy to use analytics

Connect to Mixpanel or Amplitude to see your app usage by screen.

No need to wait for an overloaded data science team. Point and click conversion funnels. Check new feature uptake.

App screens with funnel conversion bars.


Screens with multiplayer cursors.

Multiplayer whiteboards

The information the trio needs (product, dev, and design), pulled together on a multiplayer whiteboard. Keep everyone on the team in the know.

Slac.k and Jira icons

Integrates with Slack and Jira

Spot an issue? Flag anyone with @mentions to Slack in threaded comments

Fix needed? Convert to a Jira issue, with comments and screens automatically attached.

Mixpanel and Amplitude icons.

Connects to Mixpanel and Amplitude

Connect to Mixpanel or Amplitude. Get quick looks at your data with your app screens.

App screens with analytics

Debug, validate, and document your user flows.