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Select any map to explore a live preview.

Each map shows user flows of app screens with events and live data.

Literal supports iOS, Androd, React Native, and Flutter.


Product Hunt iOS 5.1.0

Product Hunt's new native iOS app is killer.

It gives you the front-row seat to everything that’s happening in tech and startups. It’s the place to launch your ideas and discover your next favorite product.

View the map and you can see key user flows, with analytics events, API calls, and example live data.

Product Hunt tab nav screens.

Map library

Alan Mind iOS 2.139.5

Alan Mind iOS app screens

Ancestry iOS 14.17

Ancestry iOS app screens

Calm iOS 5.35

Calm iOS app screens

Fender Play iOS 5.1.0

Fender Play iOS app screens

kumu iOS 8.26

Kumu iOS app screens

MasterClass iOS 11.21.0

MasterClass iOS app screens

MyFitnessPal iOS 22.16.5

MyFitnessPal iOS app screens

One Medical iOS 3.108.0

One Medical iOS app screens

Onward iOS 3.1.7

Onward iOS app screens

Peloton iOS 15.38.0

Peloton iOS app screens

Product Hunt iOS 5.1.0

Product Hunt iOS app screens

Slice iOS 6.2.1

Slice iOS app screens

Walmart Wellness iOS 2.09

Walmart Wellness iOS app screens

App screens with analytics

Debug, validate, and document your user flows.