Analytics superpowers

What you see is what you get. No need to look up out-of-date spreadsheets or bother your favorite developer.

Just a few clicks on app screens, and anyone can see new feature uptake and conversion data.

App screens with signup event.

Visually validate triggers for lifecycle marketing

It's easy to visually inspect and validate event triggers needed for customer communications.


Specify new events

Need new events? A visual map of screens and existing events and properties, and the Jira integration make it simple.

App screens with a comment to add events.

Plan new experiments

With live usage data with your app screens, anyone on the team can be data-driven.

See where the drop-offs are, and make suggestions to improve. No need to decipher cryptic events and properties, nor get in line with a data science request.

App screens with analytics

Debug, validate, and document your user flows.