Ship with confidence

Everyone can see and review production app screens and analytics events on one shared canvas.

App screens with the events triggered.

Close the loop

With the right information in one place, it's easy for everyone to see problems, and agree on solutions.

Pull the team in with the Slack integration, track issues with the Jira integration.

An app screen with a comment.

Break down silos

Bridge the gap with engineering, design, data science, and marketing.

No need for everyone to use test builds, dev environments, or hard to use analytics tools.


Rinse and repeat

With live usage data with your app screens, anyone on the team can be data-driven.

See where the drop-offs are, and make suggestions to improve. No need to decipher cryptic events and properties, nor get in line with a data science request.

App screens with analytics

Debug, validate, and document your user flows.